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Will they fit my on my sneakers or shoes?

Yes, Quick Spikes come in two different sizes to ensure a good fit on any shoe or sneaker.

How do I put them on?

Quick Spikes are easiest to put on when your sneakers/shoes are already on your feet. Simply slide the front portion over the front toe area of your shoe and the stretch the Quick Spikes over the base of the shoe (spikes down). Then affix the back portion and stretch out the side areas so the Quick Spikes fit snug all around.

Can I use them more than once?

Yes, Quick Spikes are engineered for a long lifetime. You can also purchase extra spikes on our website.

How many colors can I get them in?

Currently we only have our original design available but look for a wide array of Quick Spikes colors in the coming year!

How do I clean my Quick Spikes?

Simply running them through a faucet after play should do the trick. Then they’ll be cleaned and ready for their next use.

Where do I find Quick Spikes?

You can use the Retail Locater on our website or purchase a pair online from our site. If your pro shop isn’t carrying Quick Spikes yet, tell them to give us a call.