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Why To Use

Why to use

Quick Spikes have two sizes which are engineered to fit any size shoe. They are ideal for a number of reasons:

  • Executive Golfers who travel and play.
  • Standard travel restrictions have American travelers packing less – thus leaving those golf shoes at home for all those vacations. Quick Spikes take up a lot less room and will turn your sneakers into golf shoes for the round.
  • Buying another pair of costly golf shoes is not a real alternative if you’ve forgotten your shoes. Hey, it happens!
  • Kids feet grow every year. Give them the same spikes as Mom and Dad but without the cost of buying new golf shoes every year.
  • New to golf? Why invest in shoes right off the bat. Try Quick Spikes and if you stick with the sport, get some shoes.
  • Great for the driving range – no need to change in and out of your golf shoes to get the traction and real life feel.
  • Some people are just more comfortable in their day to day shoes.
  • Let’s face it, nobody wants to rent golf shoes….